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Hermosa Legislation Passes Senate Committee Unopposed

On November 13 the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act (SB 841) passed through the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee without opposition.  Senate Mark Udall, ENR committee member, spoke earnestly of the both the beauty and importance of the Hermosa landscape as well as the broad community consensus that created and supported the legislation from its inception through this significant step forward.

The HCWPA bounced back from the considerable changes the bill endured in the House Committee on Natural Resources in mid-September where numerous edits had significantly modified the legislation from the Hermosa Workgroup’s intentions.  Responding positively to concerns expressed by citizens of southwest Colorado, Congressman Tipton went back to work and in tandem with Senator Bennet fashioned a reconstituted version that closely resembles the original legislation introduced by both legislators in 2013.  Two maps further explain the legislation, one of the Hermosa Creek watershed and the other of the Molas Lake area.

The HCWPA is one of several bipartisan supported public lands bills that have now passed through committees in both the Senate and House making them well poised for further movement in the remaining weeks of the 113th Congress.


The Hermosa Creek watershed encompasses one of Colorado's largest, biologically diverse forests, including at least 17 separate ecosystems, ranging from rocky scrub oak and pinon-juniper at lower elevations to aspen, spruce, and fir.

Legislative map November 2014

Molas Lake area map November 2014

Review the full Legislative Map, topos and boundary maps.

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ACTION - Thank You Calls and Letters

NOVEMBER 17, 2014

Our Congressional sponsors, Senator Bennet and Congressman Tipton, have supported the Hermosa Watershed Protection Act from introduction through the most recent version that just passed the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on November 13, 2014. Both of them, along with co-sponsor Senator Mark Udall, deserve our thanks for their work on moving the legislation forward as they all strive for its final passage in the 113th Congressional Session.

Give them your thanks and ask them to continue to support the legislation by moving it through Congress and onto the President Obama’s desk for his signature soon!

Senator Bennet

Congressman Tipton

Senator Mark Udall